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Babiš k brexitu: Spor kolem irské pojistky je možné vyřešit

05.09.2019 18:33

Řešení sporu mezi Evropskou unií a Británií kolem takzvané irské pojistky je podle Andreje Babiše stále možné nalézt.

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A zaplatí mi tudiž každý takový řidič například 10 Kč, a p. Babiš 10.000 Kč k tomu, za příspěvek, jako například ten můj před 24 hodinami, který tu věc ohledně irské pojistky trochu rozebírá s jmenováním specifických možností řešení? Nebo naprostý nezájem o takové příspěvky?

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I may be just a forbidden Prussian, but to me it was obvious already a year ago that there is no majority in the House of Commons for a scenario with a hard border inbetween Ireland and Northern Ireland (in regard to Customs Union and such stuff). Of course, at the same time it was and is clear that Unionists could not be supporting a hard border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. But I am somewhat surprised that apparently nothing else was proposed, instead of Mr Johnson seemingly riding a tractor to plough through any opposition, while counting farm animals at that, up to the amount it is rumored that hr is capable of counting up to.

And there are actually quite a number of various options to the issue behind the backstop. Several of these options would assume for the time being for Northern Ireland to be a 3rd Customs Union - in terms of a separate treaty similar to e.g. that of the condominium of Oregon Country, Free Port of Hamburg or Free City of Danzig. These options may of course not be much popular, due to issue of basically creating two trade borders and due to possible longevity of such arrangement, but there are also arguments for it, mostly economical arguments, such as about scenarios like: "UK has import tariffs on grain from EU, while Northern Ireland doesn't have to, and can possibly sell Northern Irish bakery products to the UK without tariffs, while a Parisian baker goes "Mon dieu!" looking at the chart of UK import tariffs.", but also a bit political argument in terms of having a Northern Irish connection for EU and UK to not get out of touch too much.

Another option is to give Northern Ireland the same freedom it had already in 1922, when its Prime Minister, Sir James Craig, said: "when 6 December is passed the month begins in which we will have to make the choice either to vote out or remain within the Free State" - that is to give Northern Ireland the freedom to decide whether they at least for the time being want to be in Customs Union A, Customs Union B, or be Customs Union C.

Now, thanks to ongoing bickering, from Berlin an ad-campaign could already be running, targetted at entrepreneurs in the UK, telling them about (the Free Port) Prussia, which is outside of them reactionary customs unions, where many have their heads stuck in times of mercantilism without regard to realities such as that 4 shiploads of ore from Africa could be one shipload of half-products (literally crushing already some carbon-footprint with a hammer) - and that Prussia has some nice and relatively cheap not only office spaces to offer. But in terms of the State of Prussia wanting to approach things in an internationally socially acceptable manner, instead of just being yet another country club which seems rather like mafia than like geo-politically-sound statesmanship, it would be nice if the UK knew where it is standing, so that it is relatively clear where to go from when talking perhaps even about bilateral agreements, all while giving the markets some certainty, something they quite lack for months now, since they can't really plan even one month ahead about trade agreements and such without knowing if or what tariffs and travel restrictions etc. there may or may not be.

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